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Let’s be honest. Your

WordPress is a great platform, but it’s not entirely maintenance-free. Let our team of experts keep your site up-to-date for the best security and performance, so you can focus on your mission.

So you need some updates made to your site

Your current options for this include:

do it yourself!

This is the cheapest option, but don’t you have other jobs to do than learn the three coding languages required to build websites? More importantly, what happens when an update unexpectedly breaks your site or you get hacked?

hire your own in-house developer

if you have 50-90k to spare in your budget, go for it! However, for many small organizations, this can be overkill. You only need a few edits a month, after all.

freelancer sites like upwork

Quality can be all over the map.
Lacks brand consistency.
Time zone and language differences can really cause headaches.
Takes time to find them, onboard, manage their work, invoice, etc.
Less secure – your passwords are shared to essentially anonymous individuals. Yikes!

That’s where we come in.


We offer cheap rates, discounted subscription plans for painless billing, and over $3,000 in pro-bono work annually to our deserving clients through a special grant program, plus the best print designers and web gurus in town at your disposal. You get a personal contact you can rely on. We get warm fuzzy feelings from helping your important mission. It’s a win-win.


We only accept clients who are

which is more important to you?

Maybe you’re an established 501(c)3, maybe you’re still working on the paperwork, and maybe you have a different model altogether. As long as you care more about your impact on the world than your profit margins, you are welcome here. You are in good company. Learn more about our application process.

Here’s how it works:

You subscribe to a plan depending on your current design needs. Each plan offers increasingly better value for your organization and consistent, no-hassle billing. Once subscribed, you get fast, friendly design, web, and consultation services whenever you need them- usually within 24 hours! Learn more about us.

What’s included?

Every monthly plan comes with a standard maintenance package which will keep your site secure, spam-free, and protected. You get a report with helpful statistics and a summary of our work each month. Nightly back-ups provide peace of mind, while our team of developers keeps your WordPress plugins, core, and theme updated for maximum performance and minimum hassle.

As a client, you’ll get

Which plan is right for you?

    • the GRASSROOTS plan
    • free
    • X
    • pay-as-you-go edits
    • X
    • standard $100 hourly rate
    • the GARDEN plan
    • $100
    • regular monthly maintenance
    • 1 hour of edits
    • $100 savings
    • 2 additional hours available at reduced $75 rate
    • the PARK plan
    • $300
    • regular monthly maintenance
    • 4 hours of edits
    • $200 savings
    • 5 additional hours available at reduced $75 rate
    • the REDWOOD plan
    • $500
    • regular monthly maintenance
    • 8 hours of edits
    • $300 savings
    • unlimited additional hours available at reduced $75 rate

Client spotlight: the ESIP federation

Mel has provided outstanding work to the ESIP community. Mel is able to listen to my concept and translate it into design. Amazing work.

Erin Robinson
Erin Robinson
Information and Virtual Community Director
Created responsive, flat design for esipfed.org homepage and worked with developers in its implementation. 2014

You need a reliable designer who knows your specific needs, as a small org.

Wouldn’t it be great if they cared about

We got into the design business to use our talents for the forces of good. We’ve been doing freelance design for 7 years, and our favorite clients have always been those aligned with causes close to our hearts. in 2014 we realized we were taking on almost exclusively non-profit, educational, and activist organizations … and thus decided to form designforchange.agency. Here, we can better serve our clients who have consistent needs over the long haul. We’re here to make you happy with the beautiful marketing materials you need, and an always-up-to-date website.

Plus, we dislike the invoicing and billing hassles as much as you do. We setup this site to make it easy, cheap, and efficient for you to manage your design. That way, we get to focus on the fun part: making you look good.

pay by credit card pay by check or money order

mel reiff, founder and lead designer

mel reiff, founder and lead designer


We make you look good… so you can do good.