Apply to be a client

We’d love to have you as a client, but let’s take a moment to get to know each other first.

We want to make sure it’s a good fit. Ask yourself these questions:

  •  Is my org/group/club/project in the business of doing good?*
  •  Do I have some consistent web and print design needs?
  •  Would it be a relief to not do a million invoices for each little project?
  •  Am I tired of finding and managing freelancers?

If you said yes, let me invite you to apply.



How it works

You will pre-pay for your first month of webmastering and graphic design work hours (pick from any of our discounted subscription plans), or pay only for what you need after each project is completed at the standard rate of $75/hour. You may review your options below.


grassroots plan pay-per-edit $100/hourly
garden plan 1 hours/month $300
park plan 4 hours/month $300
redwood plan 8 hours/month $500

Step One: How would you like us to bill you?

pay by credit card  pay by check or money order  

A note on qualifying as a “do-gooder” We go by the honor system, so if you think you qualify, you probably do. If you’re unsure, by all means contact us first and let us put your mind to rest. We’re not the paperwork police, and we don’t care if you haven’t gotten that certification yet. All we want to know is if you have a great mission that is worth us supporting as well. Purely for-profit/corporate entities are encouraged to reach out to our sister business, Rowdy Ferret Design, for the same great designer with fewer grant opportunities.